European Congress of Local Authorities – Krakow, 4-5 May 2015

The Institute of Eastern Studies from Warsaw organized in May 4-5 at Krakow, Poland, the most important Congress of Local Authorities in Europe.

DSC_0123 2This event brought together more than 800 representatives of local and regional authorities, as well as representatives of the Committee of the Regions and the Council of Europe.


The Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion was represented by the President, Cristian Mihai ADOMNIȚEI, the President of Glodeni District Valeriu ȚARIGRADSCHI, the president of Ialoveni District Lilian POPESCU and the Executive Director of the Association Euroregion Siret-Prut-Nistru, Dumitru-Tudor JIJIE.

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On the second day of the European Congress of Local Authorities, Iasi County Council, as a partner, organized a Discussion Panel entitled “Challenges to Cross-Border Cooperation on the Eastern Border of the EU: Common Opportunities, Strong Partnerships and Shared Threats”.

DSC_0400The topic raised a particular interest from the participants in Ukraine, Moldova and Poland.

Cracovia (4)Arkadius MULARCZYK, Member of the Polish Parliament, Tadeusz SLAWECKI, State Secretary at the Ministry of Education of Poland, Ruslan SENCHUK, Deputy Head of Chernivtsi Regional Administration, Lilian POPESCU, Ialoveni District President and Sergei TATUSIAK, President of the Nistru Euroregion.

Cracovia (1)They all underlined that administrative reform in Ukraine and Moldova is vital for state efficiency and economic growth, and the support from the European Union, Poland and Romania on this issue is of great help. Cristian Adomnitei presented the work of Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion, as an example of good practice, cooperation and dialogue in our region.

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The European model is a model of modernization, not a geopolitical choice against someone. Modernization and europeanization are civilization choices. The European Union is practically the only concrete, real option for citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the firm conclusion of the panel.DSC_0396

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