July 14, Hincesti municipality – signing co-operation agreements (twinning) between 12 Mayors in Hincesti district, Republic of Moldova and 12 mayors from Iasi County, Romania

On July 14, the event of signing cooperation agreements (twinning) between the 12 mayors of Hincesti rayon, Republic of Moldova (Lăpușna, Migir, Bozieni, Bujor, Mirești, Cioara, Caracui, Nemțeni, Logănești, Drăgușenii Noi, Leușeni, Secăreni) and 12 mayoralties from Iasi County, Romania (Belcești, Holboca, Lungani, Mădârjac, Mircești, Moșna, Popești, Românești, Scânteia, Tansa, Ungheni, Valea Seacă), took place in Hincesti town as a result of the initiation process On 24 November 2016.

During the event, discussions were held on the Joint Operational Program Romania – Republic of Moldova and other funding opportunities. Visits were also made to the “Manuc Bey Manor Mansion” (rehabilitated and modernized by funds from the Joint Operational Program RO-UA-MD and other economic objectives from Hincesti district).

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