TV Show Obiectiv Comun, TVR Moldova

Mr. Constantin Vlas, Vice-President of Hincesti District, Mr. Jijie Dumitru-Tudor, Executive Director of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion and Mr. Alexandru Palii, Mayor of Moleşti Village, Ialoveni rayon, Republic of Moldova were present on TVR Moldova .
Ms. Ludmila Sfirloaga, Vice-President of the Prahova County Council, Vice President of International Relations of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion, and Mr. Gheorghe Baciu, Mayor of Slănic Moldova, Bacău, Romania.
Among the topics approached are the signing of the cooperation agreements between the local public administrations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and the opportunities offered by them.

The show can be watched here.

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