Visit to Vinnitsa at the Independence Day of Ukraine, August 20-22

Between August 20 and 22, 2015, VINNITSA held a suite of events dedicated to the UK’s INDEPENDENCE DAY. A delegation from the Association Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion took part in these events: Dumitru-Tudor JIJIE, Executive Director, and Gheorghe FRUNZĂ, Logistics Manager. This visit came after an invitation from the Nistru Euroregion, which has a partnership with the Euroregion Siret-Prut-Nistru.

Vinnitsa (5)At the official meeting with the authorities of Vinnitsa District Council and the State Administration of Vinnitsa was sent a message in which they were provided with support in the development of the projects and showed their intention to collaborate.

Vinnitsa (16)At the Solemn Session of the Vinnitsa Rayon Council, a message from the county of Iaşi and the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion was sent to  through which they were assured of legitimacy during the Euroregion process and were reassured for support in the European path and the implementation of the projects.
Vinnitsa (21)At the headquarters of the Nistru Euroregion, the strategic partners of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion, discussions took place on current and prospective projects.

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