Working visits in the Republic of Moldova 1-29 March

Between 1-29 March, the executive team of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion carried out work visits in 24 districts and in the Autonomous Administrative Unit of Gagauzia in the Republic of Moldova, members of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion.

The purpose of the visits was to address the themes of common interest for the members of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion and to promote the action plan for 2016 among the presidents, vice presidents and district secretaries, heads of territorial administrative units, heads of departments and heads of deconcentrated institutions, The business environment and media institutions.

12823342_923909421049340_2345371837338334057_oThe themes approached were related to the Romania-Moldova Joint Operational Program 2014-2020, the Action Program of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion for 2016, cooperation agreements with the territorial administrative units in Romania and the identification of the themes of collaboration with similar institutions in Romania , According to the development strategies of the territorial administrative units.

The main conclusions of the working visits had as a common denominator the need for exchanges of experience and the establishment of cooperation agreements in as many fields as possible (administrative, social, economic, mass media etc.) for a concerted and harmonious development of the Siret-Prut Euroregion -Nistru.

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