Regional Forum “Strengthening the potential of development and promotion of the region – the experience of the EU countries and the SUERD perspectives”

On October 20, the Regional Forum “Strengthening the development and promotion potential of the region – the experience of the EU countries and the SUERD perspectives”, organized by the Center for Regional Development (RDA), under the aegis of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, took place. The event took place within the ethno-cultural complex Vatra, Straseni, during the Days of the Center Region, 1st edition.

This forum was an excellent opportunity to establish and develop partnerships for cooperation between regions, localities and economic agents at local, regional and international level.
This event was attended by representatives of the local and central public administration of the Republic of Moldova and Latvia. The Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion was represented by Simona Cuciureanu, European Affairs Adviser, Constantin Chirilă, European Affairs Advisor and Gheorghe Frunză, Logistics Manager, while the EURONEST Inter-community Development Association was represented by Alina Popa, Executive Director.


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